TipRanks Mobile Application

The technical stuff

Quick and Sweet

As soon as I joined TipRank’s application squad, there was no design system, the design was the same on iOS and Android and the overall design was a mess.

My goals was:

  • To Increase users retention and as a result to increase the revenues in both platforms.
  • Make the UI more “On the go” for the investor.
  • Create a common language between design and development – Create design system
  • Take advantage of native UI and behavior for each platform to make users feel at home

The Challenge

  • Everything about the app design was a mess. The screen designs were made with Adobe XD, Photoshop, and some of them were just screenshots – my opening position was terrible.
  • A lack of consistency led to a disjointed user experience without a design system.
  • A cross-platform design that didn’t cater to each platform’s unique user expectations and behaviors.
  • There was a communication gap between the design and development teams due to the lack of a common design language.
  • The app’s design did not prioritize the needs of investors, who are often on the go and need quick access to information.
  • Users of the app are very diverse, some are young investors and others are over 60. Getting a design that fits adults without hurting the experience of the young users is a huge challenge

A research study

  • User Surveys: Gathered feedback from current users about their pain points, preferences, and expectations from the app.
  • Competitive Analysis: Studied leading investment apps to understand market standards and best practices.
  • Platform Guidelines: Reviewed Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design principles to understand the unique design and behavior standards for each platform.
  • User Interview: interview with an adult user to hear what he thinks about font sizes, how he uses the app, and where he gets stuck.

The Results

The overall redesign and UX improvement are hard to measure, but we can say we improved the rate on both platforms.Our app stores and ongoing user interviews receive a great deal of positive feedback.

Retention and revenue increase:

Three main things helped us increase retention:

  1. We add a home screen news widget (in 3 sizes) that makes the app more engaging.
  2. The new notification center lets users manage notifications they get from the app
  3. It was easier to add light mode (and system default option) after we released the design system and let users customize the app more.


Easy “On the Go” UI:

Users can access their detailed portfolio, customize the table rows, and sort it. Besides that, users can choose whether they want their portfolio to be landscape or portrait.

Design System:

A comprehensive design system was set up to bridge the gap between design and development. Not only did this system streamline the design process, but it also cut development time.

Platform-Specific Design:

By embracing the native UI and behavior of iOS and Android, users now feel more comfortable with the app. As a result, positive app store reviews about the improved user experience increased.

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